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EUKEA : A non-profit making organisation 
(Translation and adaptation : Philippa Norriss and Joachim Hitzke)

« We are responsible for the kind of world we leave to our children and our children’s children » (J.H.)
« We should be working for humanism on a world-wide scale. »  (Ph.N.)
« Let us do more for a global humanism . » (J.H. )
« To do nothing and to think nothing will lead to atrophy and decay. »  (J.H.)


With the legacy of two world wars, wars in Europe  -civil wars and fratricidal armed conflict-  and the ruinous effects of almost one hundred years of misguided totalitarian ventures on men and women all over the world and in Europe in particular, today we have good reason to wonder where we are going.

Our civilisation is adrift.  Moral and spiritual values are being eroded.  Technological developments are inadequately supervised : they work against us rather than for us. The atomic revolution amply demonstrates this.

The resources of our planet are not inexhaustible.  Our highly mechanised civilisation is dependent on primary natural resources, like fossil fuels, for its survival, and yet resources like these are disappearing one after the other.  Fresh water is becoming scarce and costly.  Pollution of all kinds is a serious threat to all forms of life : plants, animals, and humankind.  As the world population increases, cultivatable land is disappearing at the hands of the developers.  Having enough to eat is becoming a serious problem for many people in the world, particularly in the so-called under-developed countries.  To supply to needs, productivity has become the byword to the detriment of quality.  Developments in the biological field and the chemical foods industry are an example of this, and will inevitably lead to to irreversible genetic changes.  Today, human nature is characterised by excessive egocentrism, aggressiveness and violence.  Morals are in decline, man is be coming dehumanised, is losing his social sense.


It is of paramount importance that we should not only treat the effects of these developments, but think in terms of prevention, seek out causes, and promote a responsible attitude towards major issues  -health, the economy, the environment, among others.  We must think and act together.  We must fight against the decline of our civilisation.


The situation is now such that a collective response is required : a movement on a pan-European, even world-wide scale.

EUKEA, Europe-Culture-Exchange is a humanist organisation which seeks to bring together men and women, other organisations and associations who are aware of the crises we are facing and the dangers they pose.  The aim is to work together before it is too late.

Through concerted efforts, EUKEA aims to :

foster a responsible attitude towards our planet ;  give a new direction to the European civilisation  -a long time leader for other civilisations in the past- in revitalising the humanist spirit and giving new life to the guiding moral and spiritual values of European culture over the centuries :  peace, justice, democracy and respect for others ;  support research directed towards improving the human condition.

Culture in all its forms of artistic, literary and scientific expression is the driving force behind civilisation : it enriches the mind and leads to civilised living.

3.    MEANS

EUKEA, Europe-Culture-Exchange is a forum for cross-cultural contact and dialogue.

On the European scale , it will encourage exchange, research and the development and circulation of ideas and studies through the promotion of artistic and cultural events : concerts, shows, art exhibitions, literary events, conferences, public debates, meetings and publications ( see « INFOS-EUCKEA ») .

EUKEA will provide assistance for translating, printing and circulating scientific and literary works, and award grants, subsidies and prizes in support of its activities,

EUKEA, Europe-Culture-Exchange  is a multi-lingual organisation : the common languages are English, French and German.


NOTA  BENE : you can help us and get member of EUCKEA ( 30 euros) : EUCKEA
2 rue des Prés ,  F-67400 ILLKIRCH.

Or you could also create a subsidiary or an Organization in order to work with us and others
(cf periodical publication or journal « INFOS-EUCKEA » in English, conferences, lectures,
etc )

- M. Joachim  Ch.  HITZKE,  
docteur ès sciences, enseignant – chercheur de sciences physiques ( en r.), publiciste ;
E-mail / courriel :
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- Mme Madeleine  HITZKE,
 diététicienne ;  courriel :

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