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Abstracts of our intentions . Our activities could include following fields :
Informations - Propositions -  Associations - Conferences - Edition -Translation -Books - Exchange -Expositions or meetings - Awards …  .

Our motto in some keywords:
«  To inform, to propose,  to federate, to have responsability sense ,to promote, to require, to humanize, honesty, environment, enployment, conviviality, solidarity,scientific search of causes … »

We have to think where we will go with the galloping world population growth, with
the ultraliberal economy, with the generalized pollution, with the depletion of fossil
or others ressources, with towns  or urbanization growthings, with unemployment… .

We have to do reforms  in order to avoid revolutions, wars and catastrophes … 
But have we learned something ? Can we still think ? Behave we like a herd ?  

In order to begin , we propose to organize « Europ Conferences » with discussions,
books exhibitions and dedications… . Trilingual (two linguages in abstract) publications.

Proposed subjects or themes : contributions of  European Cultures ;  health ; agriculture ;
pollutions ; pedagogy, education, knowledge …
And this in a global and a long time point of view and a humanistic ethic .

We are looking for helps and propositions : meeting places, people or persons
feel themselves concerned or affected and who want to work with us in this sense ,
persons who want to do conferences…

This meeting places or towns , in order to begin, could be in France or Germany.

 We are voluntary, unpaid persons .

For improvment and reedition for some of our books,
 we are looking for editors and
(dictionaries, tourism guide, foods, philosophie …)


 For more details of our motivation, you can look hereby in the French part
( we will get an English translation later).  

«  Earth does not belong to man,  but man belongs to earth »
  (Words from the American indian Chef  Seattle)



copyright JH